Oreo Princess TVC 2014 Fahad Mirza

May 07, 2014 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

As i shared the news about the upcoming Oreo Princess TVC featuring Fahad Mirza. Finally here is the TVC video. Its another creative and imaginative work done by Circuit DraftFCB creative agency. The theme is based on a princess and her conversation with her father. I really did enjoy it. 
oreo princess 2014 paksitan fahad mirza
I really did enjoy the expression and dialogue delivery of the cute little chubby girl who make me and my sister smile every time we watch the commercial. Specially when the little princess says" uff aap ko "yummm" nahi kerna may choti hon na mujh say controllllllll nahee hota", the best line from this commercial.
oreo princess 2014 paksitan fahad mirza
People behind this commercial
  • Client: Oreo
  • Agency: Circuit DRAFTFCB (Khi)
  • Production Team:
  • Director: Samir Tewari
  • DOP: Jeab
  • Executive Producer: Sahil Jadeja
  • Head of Production: Kiran Salian
  • Chief AD: Irfan Arabi
  • Post Production: Reverberation Visual Effects & Oriental Post
  • Offline Editor: Anand Madhukar Balsavar
  • Senior Colourist: Shane Bartley
  • Production Design: Muktal Tewari
  • Art Director: Twisha Pal
  • Casting Director: Irfan Arabi and Archana Shah
  • Music: Amartya Bobo Rahut
  • Sound Engineer: Arun Crasto / Melvin Saldhana
  • Head of Post: Suraj Arekar
  • Line Producer: Indo-Bangkok Films
  • Talent: Citrus Talent
  • Agency Credits:
  • Creative Director - Omer Ahmed Taj
  • Creative Manager - Zuhair Mir
  • Creative Manager - Azra Baakza
  • Design Director - Ghazi Salahuddin
  • Visualiser - Emran Ahmed
  • Visualiser - Irfan Ahmed
  • Visualiser - S.M. Adnan
  • Sr. Illustrator - Shafiq-ur-Rehman
  • Sr. Illustrator - Aamir Ahmed
  • Director Client Services - Shakeel Ahmed
  • Account Manager - Huzaifa Hatim
  • Digital Art Director - Imran Ahmed Khan
  • Cast: Fahad Mirza & a cute girl don't know her name.
  • Detailed post by: Myipedia
  • CBL Team:
  • Sabir Godil, Sami Wahid, Rafey Zubairi
oreo princess 2014 paksitan fahad mirza
I also compare this commercial with the previous one Oreo The world's no1 biscuit father & Son both were best at their time and place. The kids fun and masti i enjoyed a lot. I also watched Oreo Princess Tv Commercial in english but the desi thing you is the best. Have a look at the TVC video below.
Oreo Princess TVC Video: