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March 09, 2016 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

We warmly welcome you to our About us page. It is an honor for us that you become curious after watching our work and want to know who are the people behind this awesome work.

Leading to the Logo of Myipedia "I love capturing videos its fun". We love to do unique work and believe the story isn't complete only with theory and picture. As we give snapshot in every post which tells half of the story if one doesn't watch the video or read the post, he can conclude the story with picture and get curious to watch the video. Because videos are also the essential part to complete the story.

Our Mission: is a Blog that covers almost half of the fields of media by updating about Tv commercials, Branding,  upcoming drama's, upcoming movies, Drama OST, Music, Fashion, Reviews and all the gossips running here and there.

As you have seen the blog we tried our best efforts to update about what happning in Pakistani media. We always focus the quality not the quantity of the work. All the coverage at Myipedia is comprehensive as possible so that the people who visit the Page, channels or website are always informed about what’s going on in media. So they remain connected and updated with their favourite interest.

We are different:

  • We are different from other websites. Our work is unique also, because we provide all the materials related to the post like pictures, videos, theory and team behind the making from authentic and trusted sources.
  • We are specially focusing on the Tv commercials, Branding and Advertisement.
  • We also upload the videos on visitors request.
  • We are almost covering half of the media with the reference post about the related videos.
  • We always provide official links of the related content, so for any more quries the visitors can contact the main source.
  • We always praise and appriciated all the team members, agency's, production houses and all those authentic sources which provide us information material and news.
  • We are always there for the visitors to reply about their quries or questions.
  • We watch the videos, take the snapshots make a detailed picture and upload it in the post for reference of the related video content.
  • We are also doing lyrics editing on some awsome videos, which is appreciated by all the visitors and some visitors also request the lyrics. We are trying our best to manage video lyrics again.
Our Interest:
Every body has his/her own interest about something particular, but we are interested in the Advertisement world. 

Now a days people specially girls are crazy about watching drama and hate commercial break during drama time. But we are opposite, that we always wait and enjoy the commercial breaks during the drama time and every body laugh at our this hobby. The whole day we are switching channels for the latest commercials to upload it on our blog for all the visitors.

Myipedia was accidentally launched in 2012 after a huge success of the first video from Veena Malik's "Ramadan Astaghfar show". People supported it a lot and we started our journey in the web world.
We are well known among our small circle for doing the work differently. People always request for Tv commercials, their cast and background music, upcoming drama, Drama OST specially about the onair timings and team behind the making.
We welcome and greatly thankful to all those people who understand and like our way of working.
Its one of the great achievement when people say if you don't find this video or commercial any where,  it must be on myipedia. If they didn't find it, they made a request for it and our team try their best to provide the requested video and details.

Our Team:

Ambreen Latif is the founder and editor of Enjoy focusing on all things from web designing, computer graphics to editing. Actually for me blogging is the most interesting thing which accidentally started 2 years back. We are trying to make myipedia most interesting work place focusing on or most every media group.

Naureen Amber is the owner of and co founder of myipedia. Simply i enjoy people, their interaction, the gossips and what's happening in media along the upcoming projects.