Dettol warriors 2 Movie 2013 with Shahid Afridi

June 13, 2013 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

As you know dettol is on the mission of cleaniness and protection from germs, to aware the children what will happen if they do not wash there hands after playing , eating etc. 
dettol warriors 2 pakistan shahid afridi
In order to do that they make a cartoon series of Dettol warriers to inspire children. Enjoy the cartoon and learn by watching it , yeah because when we were kids we do learn and apply so many things what we watch from cartoons movies.Cartoon movies are the easiest way to teach childrens quickly.
dettol warriors cartoon with shahid afridi
Enjoy Dettol warrior 2 ... Wait did you watch Shahid Afridi Dettol TVC? Ok watch it after you finish watching the cartoon movie ... !
dettol warrior 2 cartoon 2013
In this seies there is BOOM BOOM Afridi and three young dettol Warriors Ali , sara & Riz , Doctors team , Nazloo , Germina , Germandar and so many others germs when you watch you will know.
Dettol Warriors 2 Part 1 Video:

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