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Privacy Policy / Terms and conditions

March 09, 2016 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

Terms and conditions:
Due to Privacy policy when you are visiting our website you have to abide following terms and conditions, so our relationship get better. If you do not agree any of these terms and condition you will have to face the legal actions without any warning.

NOTE: Terms and conditions /privacy policy will be changed time to time. Please do not copy the Pictures, the Same Post or Any Data. It is hard to maintain making the post of related content with detailed pictures and videos. We are not a freelancers is the only official website we are working for.

  • You are not allowed to copy paste all the same data from our website. 
  • If you want to use our website data/pictures/content contact us with valid reasons. 
  • We are not running a .com but a small blog that doesn't mean we are here to write for your websites. 
  • Also due receiving so many complaints and negative comments from the visitors we changed our policies. We are not allowing any one to use the data in such a manner that our visitors complain and team will suffer from headache and Criticism
  • It is a request for all the .com visitors who are continuously copying and re posting the same post on their website they should create their own work and should look for a freelance writer. 
  • As we mention above if  every one is coming to take the same post for their website which we created with lot of efforsts, then what's the use of myipedia.  
  • Anyone using our website data without permission is at sole risk of him or herself to face the consequences.
  • Do not crop or hide myipedia icon/logo from the pictures, if we find something like that you will have to face the legal actions without any first or second warning. 
Purpose of the Website:
  • The purpose of this website is only for entertainment. 
  • We only promote Pakistani media covering Tv Commercials, Advertisement, Branding, Drama OST, Fashion, Reviews, Music, Media gossip, Upcoming drama/movies commercial and event projects. All these contents contain authentic information from trusted sources. 
  • We only make post to increase visitors knowledge and encourage the work done by the productions houses of Tv, Film, Music, commercials and Fashion Media. 
  • All the links in our website posts of other websites / web pages/ facebook pages / blogspots are authentic in information. While you use those pages information or posts we are not responsible of any terms and conditions/ privacy policy/ accuracy/information will soley your own responsibility. 
Privacy Policy:
Our team is working hard to protect the image of our website for all the visitors of good intentions and continue to support our website. We don't want any one who is continuously taking all the post to ruin myipedia image.

Consumer Information:
During your visit at our website we do not collect any personal information from you. Some times at internet surfing you have to release your information, contact and other things we are not those who collect any ones personal information.