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Tapal Green Tea TVC 2014 Zoe Viccaji

Tapal launch a new Tv Commercial for Tapal Green Tea featuring Zoe Viccaji. We both sister are also green tea lovers as well as commercial addicts. Our favourite flavour for green tea is Jasmine, elaichi & lemon. Other than these flavours you can also try Morrocan Mint flavors a new edition in Tapal Green Tea family. We haven't tried it. Tapal green tea is best in flavous and also lite we use have green tea 4 - 5 times daily and at night washroom become our friend opz.
Tapal Green Tea TVC 2014 Zoe Viccaji myipedia
The tv commercial was very well executed the animation was excellent. But the jingle "Roz Tapal Tea piya karo" was very similar to "Roz roz good milk piya karo". Tapal Green tea leads the tagline "U Need U". Its all for now watch the TVC right now at myipedia and stay tuned for more cool tv commercials reviews.
Tapal Green Tea TVC Video:
  • Client: Tapal
  • Product: Tapal Green Tea
  • Singer: Zoe Viccaji
  • Production: Tadpole Films
  • Agency: Soho Square (O & M)
  • Director : Ahsan Rahim
  • Associate Dir : Mukhtar Zaidi
  • Producer : Rahim Ul Haq
  • 2nd AD : Nasir Mehmood
  • DOP : Kelvin Keehoe
  • Sound Design & Music : Shani Arshad (H.M STUDIO)
  • Art Dir & Wardrobe : Muhammed Tayyab Siddiqui
  • Set : Nauman Kashif Artefact
  • Post : Tadpole Films - Taha Ali
  • Location : Arif Rehman
  • Animation & Online : Vertex Media
  • Makeup : Waqar Hussain
  • Production Managers : Rehan Abbasi & Asmat
  • Team Tapal:
  • GM Marketing: Khurram Koraishy
  • Brand Manager: Samra Shahzad
  • Media Manager: Arfa Khatoon
  • Team Soho Square:
  • Business Director: Atif Nouman
  • Senior Account Manager: Saadain Lari
  • Executive Creative Director: Atiya Zaidi
  • Associate Creative Director: Fahad Bombaywala
  • Copywriter: Ella Hussain
  • Director Planning: Shazia Khan
  • Associate Planning Director: Zahra Ali
  • Team Maxus:
  • Business Manager: Cyma Hasan
  • Data Collected by: Ambreen Latif
  • Cast: Zoe Viccaji
  • Review by: Naureen Amber
  • Detailed Post by: Myipedia
Tapal Green Tea TVC Video:
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Homage Induction Cooker TVC 2014

We are back with another Tv Commercial review. Previously if remember we have shared Homage Microwave TVC this time its another advance technology Homage Induction Cooker. The concept of the commercial was nice catchy and family based theme where every one cares for other. The team making behind proves to come up with unique themes and concepts. When we first watch this commercial on TV both suddenly said Waoo.
The agency Arey Wah and the production IDcreation did an amazing job making a wonder commercial. We both sisters are addicted to watch Tv Commercial and a big fan of the teams making behind them. This Homage Induction Cooker from R&I Electronics made us think we should also buy one for our home and we will going to buy soon when we will receive a huge amount of money. We both had to cook a lot and also work at the internet with lot of worries not to miss any update nor to burn any thing in the kitchen.
Homage Induction Cooker TVC 2014 myipedia
Now a days Tv Commercials are coming up with the concept which change vision and mind plus the commercial clearly focus the product what is it all about. Same shown in this commercials theme before Homage induction cooker the female were busy and they don't have time to spend with the family members doing many task in the kitchen. Homage provides every female a facility to do work with no time and with out sweat. Homage Induction Cooker leads the tagline "Banaye Khoobsurat Kitchen aur zindagi". Watch the TVC video right now at myipedia. Its all for now lets meet in another TVC review.
Homage Induction Cooker TVC Video:
  • Client: R&I Electronics
  • Product: Homage Induction Cooker
  • Production: iDcreations
  • Agency: Arey Wah
  • Director & Script: Zaheeruddin
  • Executive Producer: Azadar Hussain
  • DOP: Mohammad Azmi
  • Associate Director: Nida A. Khan
  • Post: Sohail Azad @ Check Post
  • Voice Over: Munawwar Saeed
  • Sound: Vicky Haider
  • 1st AD: Hamza Imam
  • Prod. Assist: Sami & Rafi
  • Asst. Prod Manager: Shamshad
  • Set: Aqeel ur Rehman @ SetAct
  • Asst. Art Director: Adeel Akbar & Faisal Sheikh
  • Art Director: Nida A. Khan & Khurram Syed
  • Line Producer: Imran Ahmed
  • Hair & Make up: Alam Hakim
  • Talent: Citrus Talent
  • Data Collected by: Ambreen Latif
  • Cast: Faheem Abbas, Anum Fayyaz and many others
  • Review by: Naureen Amber
  • Detailed Post by: Myipedia
Homage Induction Cooker TVC Video:
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Disprin TVC 2014 Mehwish Hayat & Hasan Ahmed

Disprin presents a new Tv Commercial featuring Mehwish Hayat & Hasan Ahmed. Me and my sister watched it on TV but didn't get a clue what the theme is about. After watching it 2-3 times we enjoyed the concept "Sar Ka Dard". Its really a headache when women ask men for a choice when they are getting ready for some occasion. My sister said its a good sign that conceptual ADs are in a run. But all our expectations vanished and happiness went in vain while collecting some data about people making behind this commercial we come across a german Tv Commercial. Due to curiosity and addiction of watching commercials we watched the german commercial. Thought we didn't understand the language but we got shocked that disprin commercial is a dito copy of german commercial the expressions, the acting, the dress colours and even the ending was same. Guys what happened to our origional Pakistani talent why there is a need to copy the same if you need inspiration just pick the idea and make your own. This make us very disappointed. The client used a high budget featuring expensive Mehwish Hayat & Hasan Ahmed. The concept would be nice if it was Pakistan's origional. Now really my sister is getting a headache.
Disprin TVC 2014 Mehwish Hayat & Hasan Ahmed myipedia
If they increase sir ka dard in other way the Tv commercial would be a hit. Dispirin and Nuropen the pain killer is from the same company Reckitt Benckiser but the creativity should be origional for the commercial. If the client, product and cast is local the idea must be local also. Any how after watching this commercial many people who didn't knew the details enjoyed it. The product has nailed the market and will definately increase in sale. Disprin leads the tagline "Dard ka Hamesha Moasar Hal". Watch both commercials right now at myipedia and decide yourself.
Disprin TVC Video:
  • Client: Disprin
  • Theme: Sar Ka Dard (Headache)
  • Agency: Manhattan International
  • Director : Babar Sheikh
  • Edit & Color Grading : SHAIKH MOINUDDIN
  • Post Production : THE TIMELINE
  • Production: Diagram Motion Pictures
  • Cast: Mehwish Hayat & Hasan Ahmed
  • Data Collected by: Ambreen Latif
  • Review by: Naureen Amber
  • Detailed Post by: Myipedia
Disprin TVC Video:
Disprin German TVC Video:
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Abdullah Mall TVC 2014 Babar Ali

Abdullah Mall TVC 2014 Babar Ali myipedia
Abdullah Mall TVC Video:
  • Client: Abdullah Builders & Developers
  • Director: TARIQ ABBASI
  • Edit and Grade : THE TIMELINE
  • Cast: Babar Ali & Many others
  • Detailed Post by: Myipedia
Abdullah Mall TVC Video: 
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Telenor 3G TVC 2014

Telenor presents telenor 3G TVC 2014. The concept was nice a lite theme presenting how important and essential 3G for every human life in today's technology world. We enjoyed this commercial though it was bit dark many elements were un clear but still it was nice watching it. The animation and effects were also excellent. Watch the TVC video right now at myipedia.
Telenor 3G TVC 2014 myipedia
Telenor 3G TVC Video:
  • Client: Telenor
  • Technology: 3G
  • Production : Ambience Films
  • Cast: Naima Khan and many others
  • Detailed post by: Myipedia
Telenor 3G TVC Video: 
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