Saturday, 25 October 2014

Arif Habib Groups TVC 2014

  • Client: Arif Habib Group
  • Title: Hamara Pakistan
  • Agency: Orient McCann
  • Director: Waqas Ahmed
  • Production: WAM Films
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Friday, 24 October 2014

We Received Our First Goodies From Lays

Today we received our first goodies from Lay's Pakistan. We became excited every member of our family become curious what's in the pack & why we received it. The curiosity end when we open the pack and got Lay's Potato Chips snacks of Mint Chutney. Right now we are excited making the post about our first goodies. Past days we feature Lay's Press Release & Tv Commercial on the blog and on youtube channel. We would like to thanks Lay's Pakistan (Pepsico) & Mr. Muhammad An’am Mahmood from Grey Destiny.
We Received Our First Goodies From Lay's chaat street Mint chatni
The Mint Chutney flavour will remind our first ever goodies. As we had already eaten 5 packs and will going to enjoy the remaining with our family for many days. So every one don't be jealous of us, we received a gift you go buy you own Lay's mint chutney we won't be sharing it with you.
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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Aap ki Kaneez OST by Rahat Inayat Ali Khan Geo TV (Audio/Video)

Aap ki Kaneez another heart touching plot beautifully shown in the drama. The difference between high class and low class life. As you had seen the Promos here is the OST video beautifuly sung by Rahat Inayat Ali Khan. Watch and listen the OST right now at myipedia.
Aap ki Kaneez OST by Rahat Inayat Ali Khan Geo TV
Aap ki Kaneez OST Audio:
Aap ki Kaneez OST Video:

  • OST: Aap ki Kaneez
  • Composer: Ahsan Ali Taj
  • Singer & Lyrics: Rahat Inayat Ali
  • Drama: Aap ki Kaneez
  • Directed By: Amir Yousuf
  • Written By: Faiza Iftikhar
  • Producer: Asif Rao Mir & Babar Javed
  • Channel: Geo Tv
  • Network: Geo TV Network
  • Detailed post by: Myipedia
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Cast: Shamim Hilali, Atiqa Odho, Aly Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Sohail Asghar, Gul-e-Rana, Ayesha Toor, Mohammad Ali Khan, Zainab Jameel, Farah Nadir, Iman and many others.
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Master MoltyFoam New Campaign - Efforts for a Good Sleep

MoltyFoam started a new campaign focusing the idea of a good sleep. Th video contains love, care, emotion and humanity. A round of appluse for Moltyfoam new campaign in which they branded many cities with molty foam Mattress. It was the idea to target the audience plus all those homeless people who work hard whole day and need a comfortable sleep. For this they formed the branding idea into a positioning bed. These billboards have been installed across nine cities in Pakistan and more than 40,000 laborers are sleeping in peace due to them. The number is increasing.
Master MoltyFoam New Campaign - Efforts for a Good Sleep
BBDO also did the great effort in making the branding of Moltyfoam. They turned the billboard and hording into creative bed. Its a kind of unique in Pakistan. Its a small decumentary video of MoltyFoam and BBDO creative branding. Watch the video now at myipedia.
Master MoltyFoam Video:

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Voice Xtreme X5 TVC 2014

Voice xrteme x5 octacore comes with a animated TVC. The theme based on future showing the graphics the technology and everything. At first it gives a looks like a hollywood action movie. Voice Xtreme X5 leads the tagline "Tomorrow is now". You can purchase it in Rs 29,800 /- only.
Voice Xtreme X5 TVC 2014
Watch the video now at myipedia.
Voice Xtreme X5 TVC Video:

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