LU Oreo TVC 2013 Father & Son

October 29, 2013 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

As you have already seen the previous post about the upcoming Oreo biscuit and the launch ceremony of Oreo in karachi. Finally the wait has over as i promise i uploaded the TVC video for all the oreo fans. Here's the first campaign of Continental biscuit limited to launch the World’s No.1 Biscuit, Oreo.
Now oreo will be locally produced. Lets come to the TV commercial. Thanks to the team behind this TVC who worked really hard to make a unique and cute concept of father son relationship. Also the unique theme twist , Lick & Dunk.
LU Oreo TVC 2013 Father & Son
It is a nice creative commercial with the depth of love between father and son. Well during the search i come across so many interesting comments, some are criticizing on baseless assumptions and some are favouring so the fight start. It is world No 1 biscuits TVC. It dosen't makes any difference weather the TVC is Indian or international TVC is TVC right you got it. Oreo has a name around the world and the TVC compaing is to introduce the brand and shows what the brand and product is about.
LU Oreo TVC 2013 Father & Son
  • People Behind this Commercial
  • Creative Agency: Circuit DRAFTFCB
  • Digital Media Agency: Digitz
  • Creative Director: Omer Ahmed
  • Chief Creative Officer: Imran Mir
  • Creative Manager: Zuhair Mir
  • Client Service Director: Shakeel Ahmed
  • Sr. Account Manager: Huzaifa Hatim
  • Copy: Azra Ba'akza/Abeer Rehman
  • Sr. Art Director: Ghazi Salahuddin 
  • Visualizer: Imran Ahmed
  • Audio & Video: Mohammad Iqbal/Imran Ahmed
LU Oreo TVC 2013 Father & Son
So relax your mood don't argu Twist, Lick & dunk oreo in a glass of milk or a cup of tea. Have a look at the TVC video below.
LU Oreo TVC Video:
  • TVC: LU Oreo 
  • Client: Continental Biscuit Limited (CBL)
  • Brand: Lu oreo
  • Thing to focus: Twist, Lick and done
  • Theme: Father & son secret
  • Logo: World's No1 Biscuit

Hope you like this post.