Zindagi Tere Bina A new Drama serial on Hum Tv (Story/Cast/Video)

January 04, 2014 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

A new drama serial Zindagi tere bina has been added in Hum Tv drama Library. As the name Zindagi tere bina leads the unpleasent atmosphere and something missing from your life. The story od this drama serial has been written by Wasi shah and Directed by Azfar ali. Wasi shah choose a very sensitive issue of the society when the siblings become mature and sattled in their life after marriage doesn't want to she each other faces. On small issues they become strangers.
zindagi tere bina on hum tv
The story of the drama serial revolves around the family of two brothers Waqar ahmed and Iqrar Ahmed. Waqars wife safiya is a very difficult nature women to bear her ill mannerless, On the other hand Iqrar wife samina has ha very sweet and friendly nature and always try to igonore the ill manner nature of Iqrar wife Safiya. The turning point comes in their life after the sudden death of Iqrar. Iqrar wife and kids left behind alone. When time passes waqar get attached with the sweet nature of Samina the widow of his brother and tried his best to avoid his wife Safiya's unpleasent nature and behaviour.

What will going to happen in their life? Will everything become upside down? Or a shocking turn will take place in the life Waqar, Safiya and Samina? You have to watch drama serial Zindagi tere bina every monday 8:00 pm only on Hum tv.
Cast: Noman Ejaz, Samiya Mumtaz, Shahood Alvi, Nadia Afghan, Rida Isfhani, Imran Ashraf
Watch the Promo Video of Zindagi tere Bina below. Listen the OST Audio by Nabeel shaukat ali click here.

Zindagi Tere Bina Promo Video:
  • Drama: Zindagi tere bina
  • Channel: Hum Tv
  • Network: Hum Tv network
  • Directed By: Azfar Ali
  • Written By: Wasi Shah
  • Production: Pivot Production
  • Gener: Love, Relation, Family, Social issue
  • Onair Timing: Monday – 8:00PM

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