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23 September 2013

Asmano pay likha the new drama serial on Geo TV. It is the first drama serial of Emmad Irfani. The lead cast Shehryar Munawar and Sajjal Ali. The drama is directed by Mohsin Mirza and comes under the production of A&B Entertainment.
The drama is based on the social issue of drowery by which many of the families unable to marry their daughters. The main story revolves around the two strangers but the act of the faith made the reunion between them on the stage as a married couple.

The core of this drama story lies in the relationship between Aliaan and Qudsia. Qudsia's getting married on the wish of her late grand mother but her inlaws were too greedy, knowing their position and status one after the other they increase an item for dowery. Qudsia wasn't happy but for her father and mother happiness agreed to married in such a family saying every thing will going to be ok after the marriage.
But at the time nikkah ceremony the to be mother in law again requested for the brand new mercadez car in salami. When Qudsia father said he will going to give the car and some other items after the marriage, she got annoyed and took back the barat saying she can't trust Qudsia's family for their words, when they provide all the things in the drowery list she will going to bring the barat again. This was the very hard broken scene which happens 70% in our society. 

At that moment the entry of the hero with the words don't take the barat back this is the keys of my brand new car take it with you. Listening to this Qudsia's mother inlaw started abusing saying that both Qudsia and aliyan already had a hidden realtionship thats why aliyan appeared and requesting don't take the barat away.Every one was astonished. Qudsia and her family was in a deep shock. Alyan said no need to worry i will make the renewel of this contract and going to marry Qudsia.
Their relation became more closer and stronger by accident. What will going to happen after Aaliyaan's decision of marriage with Qudsia. 
Will their relation going to become real and strong? Watch the drama Asmano pay likha on Geo Tv every Wednessday 8:00 pm.
Have a look at the Audio, Video and lyrics of the OST below!
Asmano Pay Likha OST Video:
  • OST: Asmano pay likha
  • Drama: Asmano pay likha
  • Channel: Geo TV
  • Network: Geo Entertainment network
  • Directed By: Mohsin Mirza
  • Written By: Rabia Razzaque
  • Produced By: A & B Entertainment
  • Onair timing: very Wednesday at 8:00 pm 
  • Gener: Social, romance, Faith,drowery
  • Cast: Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui, Sajal Ali, Sanam Chaudhry, Emad Irfani, Saba Faisal, Tariq Jameel, Saba Hameed, Mehmood Akhtar,Pari Hashmi, Manzoor Qureshi, Azra Aftab, Yasir Ali and others.

Asmano Pay Likha OST Audio:

Asmano Pay Likha Lyrics:

  • Hum tujhay ek pal bhul na jaen, sotay hway b khyal tera
  • hum na kabhi jo ankhain kholi, tujh hei ko dekha pehli dafa
  • ek pyas hai ek dard hai bin tere na tere bina 
  • tere saath hei mera naam b aasmanon par hai likha
  • aasmanon par hai likha
  • aasmanon par hai likha
  • Kya karun shikwa apnay khuda se, jo b hwa ha naseeb mera
  • mere qadam toe pani par thay, janay main kaisay par laga
  • hain durian majburian, bin tere na tera bina
  • tere saath hei mera naam b aasmanon par hai likha
  • aasmanon par hai likha
  • aasmanon par hai likha
  • Barish ki bondon main chaand ki hatheli main, dekha hai tum ko mere humnawa
  • resham k dhagon na rishton ki dori na, chun lia tum ko humsafar mera
  • ek pyas hai ek dard hai bin tere na tere bina
  • tere saath hei mera naam b aasmanon par hai likha
  • aasmanon par hai likha
  • aasmanon par hai likha

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