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22 August 2013

Vitamin water is a product of Searle company. It is the energy drink full of vitamin as the name shown. Firebolt63 agency has released the first commercial of vitamin water of Searle Pakistan as the local distributors of Vitamin Water. In the TVC it is shown that this drink is full of energy it helps the body dosen't feel weak and loose energy which working , sporting , running and doing all sort of hard task. 
Vitamin Water TVC 2013
This vitamin water helps the body to maintain its power and energy. The man make a race with the car and win the race after drinking vitamin water.
Watch the TVC video below!
Vitamin Water TVC Video:
    • Vitamin Water TVC 2013
    • TVC: Vitamin Water 
    • Brand: Vitamin Water
    • Logo: Keeps You Running
    • Agency: Firebolt63
    • Thing to focus: Energy to win
    • Client: The Searle Company Limited (TSCL)
    • Directeor: Jami Mahmood
    • Producer: A. Karim Yousuf
    • DOP: Mo Azami
    • Camera Team: Nabeel Jawaid, Waqas Younus, Hammad Baig, Akbar Ali, Irfan Khan
    • Art Director: Marium Ali
    • Line Producer: Faiz Muhammad
    • CGI/FX: Aamir Wasim
    • Editor: Irshad Tanoli
    • DIT: M. Naseem
    • Production Finance: M Inam Khan
    • Special Thanks to Vernin
    • azadfilm.com
    • Eamil: azadfilm1@me.com

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