Jawad Ahmed - Tum Hi Pakistan Ho by Ufone (Music Video/ Lyrics)

August 15, 2013 Ambreen Latif 1 Comments

Tum hi Pakistan ho a national song sung by Jawad ahmed on 14 August 2013. This video is sponsored by Ufone Tum hi to ho. It is on airing on almost on every Tv channel of Pakistan. The lyrics and video relates to the four regional tribes of Pakistan. 
Jawad Ahmed - Tum Hi Pakistan Ho by Ufone
As now a days the crisis are occuring between the tribes, i will not going to mention them but this song captures the full situation that every one is on his own, the unity and sincerity is lacking. The atmosphere of life is tense. No body is caring and showing their love as they use to do in the past. Getting and giving negative response at every normal thing. 
Jawad Ahmed - Tum Hi Pakistan Ho
After watching the video i am confused on some points The lyrics , music composition were good but the video scenes are not assemble in order to the wording of the song, like the first scene shows the distruction and a man was picking up the destroyed shoe of the child but suddenly second scene shows that every one is getting on a bus to travel 
then next scene was an accident showing of the bus 
then continues to the next scene the passengers of the bus were fighting on in the local hotel 
then again bus was destroyed 
then they rescued and help each other
happy ending but what about the first scene ? the shoe of a child and the burning doll ? i am little confused.
If the scene of the destroyed simply in the end that would be better to understand. So in this video there wasn't a curosity what will going to happened in the end ...
Tum Hi Pakistan Ho song by jawad ahmed
Although the concept of the video song was excellent according to the independence day of 14 august. That i cried at first, but the whole day i watched this video while switching the channel and i got these little thing so i shared my point with you.
Watch the video Below!

Tum Hi Pakistan Ho Music Video:
  • Song: Tum hi Pakistan ho
  • Singer: Jawad Ahmed
  • Sponsored by: Ufone Tum hi to ho 
  • Theme: Stay united
  • Agency: Interflow (Isb) 
  • Director : Ahsan Rahim
  • Production: Tadpole Films
  • AD : Mukhtar Zaidi
  • Producer : Rahim Ul Haq
  • 2nd AD : Nasir Mehmood
  • Art Direction : Muhammad Arif
  • Props & Location : Arif Rehman
  • Set : Set & Act Aqeel Ur Rehman
  • DOP : Kelvin Keehoe
  • Post : Tadpole Films - Taha Ali
  • Makeup : Adnan Ansari
  • Grading & Animation : Vertex Media
  • Wardrobe & Styling : Noman
  • Rigging : Mehboob Shah
  • Production Manager : Asmat Ullah
  • Thing to focus: Independence day 14 august

Tum hi Pakistan ho Lyrics:
Sindhi ho 
Baloch ho
Pujabi ho
pathan ho
Ha tum hi Pakistan ho (x2)
Bhool k Quomain Bhool k Zatain
Karni hai hamain pyar ki batain
Hum sub ko ab such karni hain
Qurbani essar ki batain
Muhajjir ho, Pahari ho
Sunni ho, Shiyan ho
Ha tum hi Pakistan ho (x2)

Jis Tan beetain, Wo tan jane
ate hain gher haimain smjahne
Hum sub k jo maslain he yeh
Hum sub ne hi hai suljhane
Shehri ho Dehati ho
Mazdoor ho keesan ho 
Ha tum hi Pakistan ho (x2)

konsay shikway kesi larayi 
Hum sub to hai bhai bhai

Ek dujay ko manay barabar
har ek ka haq ho khushhali

Tum kuch bhi ho Tum jo bhi ho
Par akhir to insan ho
Ha tum hi Pakistan ho (x2)

Sindhi ho
Baloch ho
Pujabi ho
pathan ho
Ha tum hi Pakistan ho (x2)Ha tum hi Pakistan ho
Ha tum hi Pakistan ho
Ha tum hi Pakistan ho