First Pay Check from Tune.PK - Our Journey

March 05, 2017 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

It made our day when we received the first pay check from along with a thank you note from the team for using this platform. Its another best thing for us in 2017. Since we become a part of tune family in 2015 and had a great working experience. 

Before being a part of tune we were using youtube platform but it banned in Pakistan due to this glitch our blog got messed up in 2013. We then moved to but some haters didn't let us stay there in peace and we have to leave Vimeo after few months to switch with The bad energy followed us there too and ruined our peace. It was also just for few months and again our blog got messed up as the channel blew in one go without prior notification or the detailed email what has gone wrong. We have to remove the corrupted video links in blog posts which was such a headache to edit it.

First Pay Check from Tune.PK - first payment

Then Arsalan Hassan ask us why not try using platform. We then don't had any other choice so we give it a try and started working as a Publisher at tune. Though our work manly focus the brands, tv commercials and the team making behind them. Its been more than 2 years we are working fine at platform. The experience here is really excellent and we are looking forward in the future as well.
As compare to other platform experience its way easy to communicate with tune team, we don't have to worry for sudden false infringement, community guideline, spamming and losing the whole channel in the blink of an eye. The player, the video quality, the streaming and other features are easy. Also we find a great knowledgeable unique video world at tune.

First Pay Check from Tune.PK - first payment

The starting was really amazing, all the features were unique and made us feel that we are working at our own homeland. We had many smiling memories like

  • After uploading the first video the examplary tags were Zubaida Appa, Rehman Malik, Desi Ghee lolx.
  • While searching a video we got confused by the title and the page end up with the caption "Na Maloom Page".
  • Looks like you got lost in Tune Space. Don’t Panic! Search for something else is another memory make us feel at home. 
  • Also when the tune team was updating the new features while searching for tips the page says "Stay calm we will be back soon, don't worry our Ninjas working on it".

So far working with the tune team is a great experience and our pleasure to support our own Pakistani. Its a platforms which pays for your hard work, you time and your unique video collection. If you want to earn Signup today and be a part of its way much easier and convienient as we see from our previous work experience at other platforms. Once again we want to thank Arsalan Hassan and Faizan Javed for the best service and great video exploring platform at