Knorr Quest for Noodle Pot Full Cartoon

January 22, 2017 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

Knorr noddles one of the favourite snacks for children of every age. Knorr Pakistan presents an Action Packed Urdu Adventure children series. Its named as Quest for the Noodle Pot, an animated Cartoon for kids by Knorr Noodles Pakistan. Produced in 3D, Created and Directed by Semyne Khan, Animation by H2o.

Yet children love to eat noddles and watch cartoons. This series help them encouraging healthy habits, spirit of adventure, imagination and education. Also they learn about vegetables which would indeed taste better when eaten with noodles.

Knorr Quest for Noodle Pot Full Cartoon

Knorr Quest for the Noodle Pot” complete with celebrity voices. As the voice over were done in urdu, by talented star celebrity cast. They lend their voices to the Knorr Quest characters its sure entertaining to watch.
  • Faisal Qureshi as Evil Chef: the Knorr Quest villain who steals the Golden Knorr Noodle Pot.
  • Imran Aslam as Big Jinn: who help and guide Rania and Ramiz towards the noodle pot throughout the Knorr Quest.
  • Adeel Hashmi as Chuck: who has the powers to navigate to any place in the world.
  • Sania Saeed as Chatty: who has special powers to talk with animals.
  • Arjumand Rahim as Chopstix: who was a Karate Expert.
  • Arjumand Rahim as Koochoo: who has the power of smell and can sense what people, plants and rocks were thinking.
  • Momin Durrani as Limchoo: who has the power to transport people through time and space.
  • Yasir as Hal: who has the power to generate heat and fire.
  • Khalid Anam as Mayor of Knorr Kounty: and Ramiz’s father.
  • Mrs Mayor: Ramiz’s mother.
  • Faiza Kazai as Nani: Ramiz’s grandmother
  • Syed Fazal childstar as Ramiz: The hero of Knorr Quest, and the son of Knorr County mayor.
  • Aniqa Adil as Rania: who was Ramiz’s 12 year old elder cousin and partner in Knorr adventure for Golden noodle pot.
  • Faiza Kazai as Churail:
The story starts on the land of Knorr Kounty where a magical cooking pot has been kept safe by the village people. while it continues to cook delicious noodles for all. Unfortunately the pot got stolen. Ramiz tried to find out the Golden Noodle Pot but nothing could helped.

He then find out it was stolen by the evil chef. To retrieve the stolen golden pot, his cousin Rania, his Knorr Gang of  Friends and Big Jinn join him for the Adventure of Quest for the Noodle Pot.

Watch out to know how ramis with his friends find the noddle pot. Enjoy the adventures with knorr gang.