Commander Safeguard Back to School Animated Cartoon

January 20, 2017 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

Commander safeguard is the first Pakistani "3D Animated Series". It is sponsored by Procter & Gamble Pakistan, The show was produced and animated by Post Amazers to promote hand washing habits among children.
The animated series was created to augment the educational material on health and hygiene.
Commander Safeguard is an animated superhero from Planet triclo , developed by the Pakistani advertising agency IAL Saatchi & Saatchi.

The character is popular in Pakistan and also around the world. The superhero is depicted as a representation of Safeguard (soap)
who fights and defeats the germs along with their leader called "Dirtoo", Commander is the best friends of all kids and the worst enemy of germs Dirtoo. He was on a global mission to defeat sinister germs Dirtoo and his germs force.

He is great looking, has a great sense of humor, a certain sophistication and never ever panics in any circumstance.To fight commander safeguard Dirtoo and his germ force launch an evil scheme to fail commander safeguard's School Education, Health and Hygiene program.

Commander Safeguard Back to School Animated Cartoon

Right after when Germander appeared, it was the most exciting and best episode ever because Germander was so hyper and powerful, but Commander still defeated him and knock him down.
Other than dirtoo, the germ force includes germander, Dirti, Gunsuna, kachra Rani, Nazloo, Fazlu, Achu, & others.
Commander Safeguard will be helping you to make sure that your kids wash properly with the help of his adventure stories. He is every child’s best friend and every germ’s worst enemy.Watch the episodes and join hands with commander to fight harmful germs to help keep your world clean, safe, healthy and happy.

The cartoon is broadcast in Urdu language and become one of the most popular animated local TV shows for children in Pakistan.