Quetta - A city of forgotten dreams (Official Trailer)

October 10, 2015 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

Our very own beloved team Bannana News Network Murtaza, Mustafa & Faisal is all set to step in Film industry. The team is on the project to make a movie for silver screen named as Quetta - A city of forgotten dreams.

The title Quetta makes me curious coz its my home Town with lot of memories. As for Mustafa & Murtaza all their shows were my favourite specially the BNN news. This new project Quetta i have high expectations as already seen the talent of Mustafa & Murtaza.
Quetta - A city of forgotten dreams Movie Video
The story revolves around the three men how they live and survive also bear the hardships having high hopes in their heart for future. The story of Quetta written & produced by Faysal Chaudary and Sana Bucha. Also the Screenplay by Murtaza Chaudary.

The main theme focused on coal mines. The people who work their, what they think, what they want to be. The film doesn't boost the famous actors but the local cast which make it more look like a real documentary movie.

"A real story could be best portrayed by real people who have lived those stories. To ensure that the screen is authentic and genuine to the viewers, except a few veterans, majority of the cast members are new actors."
Quetta - A city of forgotten dreams Movie Video
The team did a brilliant job starting from the Tv screen to the silver screen and always receive appreciation. When ever they present the social issues problems in a humorous way that people took immediate notice of it. Same is the case with their movie Quetta and they are right to said Its the city of forgotten dreams.

The movie will release next year January 2016 across the country. Best wishes for the team. If you haven't watch the trailer watch it riht now at myipedia.
Quetta Movie Credits:
  • A Film by Murtaza Chaudary
  • Written and Produced By Faysal Chaudary and Sana Bucha
  • Screenplay By Murtaza Chaudary