Sonia Hussain As A Cry Baby in Farwa Ki ABC Coming Soon

July 08, 2015 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

Farwa ki ABC a unique title with the unique cast starting soon on Aplus. The lead role sonia hussain as Farwa a cry girl she loves to study but due to her poor skills she always fails. This makes the plot interesting.
The writer choose a totally different topic focusing education and its importance. May be what i predict about the story turned out something else after the drama onair and its story reveals.
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Sonia Hussain As A Cry Baby in Farwa Ki ABC Coming Soon
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Other than the story i had my curiosity for the lead role Adnan Jaffar. He has an impressive and a robdar personality. You had seen him in many dramas like Aun Zara, Khilona, Jackson Heights and others. Khalid Anum appears to be a very friendly, loving caring father for Farwa. He always supprts her daughter not to loose hope. This isn't the end there will be next chance also. So keep trying.
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Here is the story nor the plot is complete there will be a story full of suspense many twist and turns will come also in the further episode it will revealed why Sonia crying as a bride wearing such a beautiful dress. I just want to knew about this only. For now don't miss to watch Farwa ki ABC teaser at myipedia.
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