Tulsi TVC 2014 Hamza Ali Abbasi & Mehwish Hayat

December 15, 2014 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

After a happy weekend when we came home from our Aunt's house, we shocked to see the viral activity and craziness on internet. It was Tulsi TVC 2014 a AD which went viral, people become crazy running after it like a limited good friday or a happy sunday sale. The whole nation on the internet went crazy after the video. Previously Tulsi AD was remember with a mujra concept.
But its a good sign it will going to be a romantic filmy commercial. Tulsi TVC winter 2014 featuring Baba Bandook & Billi opz its Hamza Ali Abbasi & Mehwish Hayat. On every social media we saw it, we wonder where were all these people when myipedia from last three years focusing on Tv commercials and the team making behind them. Any ways its a good sign that people are giving importance to the commercials as we do.
Its still a mystery that which element made them went crazy weather its the tulsi product commercial, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mehwish Hayat or the romantic filmy concept? Well we have a lot to talk about it in detail. After a super hit dubbing of Baba Bandook a character from Burka Avenger Hamza went up it took a top after Pyaray Afzal on ARY Digital. Also Mehwish received a lot of fame after the item number Billi. Its all what we feel we don't know what others think. It was an awesome filmy romantic concept commercial. The people and the team making behind it put a lot of efforts to make Tulsi product a well known commercial and they prove to be talented.
The lyrics were too catchy with the beautiful voices of Sara Raza Khan and Shuja Haider. It was very surprising for the viewers and Tv Commercial crazers like us to watch a high quality commercial as in the past the indians do. Its not the copy of indian but it comes to a high quality level Pakistani Production and proves hum kisi say kam nahi. The only thing we both sister discuss after watching this commercial alot, its about Mehwish she was looking a bit chubby we don't know weather its the costume she was wearing or the happiness of fame.
Overall hats off to the team once again. The commercial was super super super and people will remember it for a long time. Tulsi leads the tagline "Hum Jisay Lajab kehtay hain" but many people says hum jisay Cancer ka wabal kehtay hain. One our member put an effort to wrote the lyrics so it will be easy peasy for one to understand it at one go. Its all for now lets meet with a cool review in the next tv commercial.
Tulsi TVC Lyrics: 
  • In sooraj aankhon mein
  • Kuch khawab chamakty hain
  • Rasta kathan hai to kiya
  • Halaat badalty hain
  • Hum jisay lajawab kehty hain
  • Haan phool aur chand ko
  • Tera chehra kehty hain
  • Hum jisay lajawab kehty hain
  • Manzil ho tum meri
  • Faryad kartay hain
  • Hum jisay lajawab kehty hain
  • Woh haseen yaadein
  • Hum yaad kartay hain
  • Hum jisay lajawab kehty hain
  • Hum jisay lajawab kehty hain
Tulsi TVC Audio:
Tulsi TVC Video:
  • TVC: Tulsi TVC
  • Tagline: Hum Jisay lajab kehtay hain
  • Theme: Film making & Success celebration
  • Singer: Sara Raza Khan and Shuja Haider
  • Song: Hum jisay Lajawab kehtay hain
  • Concept Written: Alamgir Janjua (GM marketing)
  • Lyrics: Sheema Kemal
  • Music Composer: Shuja Haider
  • Production: Page33 Productions
  • Director: Saqib Malik
  • D.O.P: Suleman Razzaq
  • Producer: Hamza Gillani
  • Production Designer: Muhammad Murtaza
  • Casting Director & Styling: Aneela Murtaza
  • 1st AD: Adnan Malik
  • 2nd AD: Raeed Alam
  • Post: Post House
  • Choreographer: Gohar Hayat
  • Shalimar Marketing Team
  • Brand Manager: Sadia Rashid
  • Director Sales & Marketing: Faisal Munshi
  • General Manager Marketing: Alamgir Janjua
  • Set Credits:
  • Set & Props: Aqeel ur Rehman{ Set&Act The Set Designer}
  • Set Incharge : Fawad ur Rehman & Adeel ur Rehman
  • Makeup & Styling Credit:
  • Makeup: Akif Ilyas
  • Female Dress Designer: Nomi Ansari
  • Male Dress Designer: Ahmed Bham
  • Talent: Citrus Talent
  • Cast: Mehwish Hayat, Hamza Abbassi, Ajab Gul & many others
  • Review by: Naureen Amber & Ambreen Latif
  • Detailed Post by: Myipedia
  • Data Collected by: Mona Rajpoot