Another voilation of Islamic law in Geo TV's Drama Rukhsar (Video)

May 23, 2014 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

Ushna Shah in news these days. Recently i shared Ushna Shah got beaten up by Humayun Saeed's Wife Samina Humayun Saeed. She was having a secret affair. Now she involve in an other controversy related to Geo TV drama serial Rukhsarwhy always Geo in these type of headline news? Mubashir Lucman in his show Khara Sach pointed out towards the conversation of Mahrukh (Ushna Shah) and her mother in the drama serial Rukhsar. They were ill talking about the law of Islam Iddat (a law by Islam has to implement after female got divorce). Another voilation of Islamic law by Geo Tv drama. The dialouge were again unethical and hurt Islamic teachings and sentiments of muslim. That what they are talking about the law of Islam and how presenting it to the world. 
Another voilation of islam in Geo Tv Drama Rukhsar exposed by Mubashar Luqman in Khara sach
The young girls/generation influenced what they saw, now a days they always prefer to adopt things from what they saw in the dramas and some also try to implement in their life. What example these types of dramas are giving to the society. Its not i am blaming Ushan Shah. But the main fault started who wrote the drama secondly who directed , thirdly who presents, fourthly on who's channels every body in the team involved in this unethical act towards Islamic law and teachings. It is a request to all the team to be careful while presenting islamic teachings. Have a look at the video clip from Khara Sach of ARY Digital below.
Khara Sach Video: