Qmobile E95 for Pakistan Idol TVC 2013 - Vj feroze & Jaffar khan

December 11, 2013 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

Qmobile again launch another E series Qmobile e95. On one hand the TVC video is focusing Qmobile Pakistan Idol, on the other hand launching Qmobile E95. It means killing two birds with one stone. 
qmobile e95 pakistan idol
As you can watch the TVC video the first half the basic step of singing its non other than a bathroom singer holding a shower , hair dryer, brush or racket one is in the deep passion of signing. As shown doesn't matter any where any place. 
qmobile pakistan idol, vj feroze and jaffar khan
The second half shows the gathering with friends at campus or long drive you can't hide your passion of singing. Indicating the main theme of Pakistan Idol featuring young generation. 
People behind this commercial
  • Director- Farooq Mannan
  • Choreography/AD- Gohar Hayat
  • Set & Props : Aqeel ur Rehman ( Set&Act The Set Designer )
qmobile pakistan idol mobile phone tvc
As qmobile is one of the sponsors of Pakistan idol. He launches a Qmobile E series Qmobile E95 a music edition phone for music lovers. With addition you can have a dedicated music key and a powerfull amplifier only in Rs 3975/-. 
Have a look at the TVC video below.
Qmobile E95 TVC Video:
  • TVC: Qmobile E95/ Pakistan idol
  • Client: Qmobile
  • Product: Mobile phone
  • Brand: Qmobile e95
  • Sponsored for: Pakistan idol
  • Cast: Vj feroze, Jaffar khan (if anyone knew the other cast name please inform)
  • Theme: Passion of Singing
  • Thing to focus: Music edition mobile phone
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