Monday, 9 December 2013

Mahira khan upcoming Talkshow TUC the lighter side of life 2013

Mahira is coming with something new after a very long break. She is now going to be the host of a talk show "TUC the lighter side of life". It is a celebrity talk Show with Mahira Khan coming Soon.  You will meet many celebrities on screen and off screen in this show. 
tuc liter side of life with mahira khan
  • People Behind this Talkshow
  • Director: Sabiha Sumar & Shahbaz Sumar
  • Executive producers (CBL team):Sami Wahid, Naveed Shigri, Ali Amjad, Muhammad Adeel
  • Production: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi (7th Sky team)
  • Media Agency: Mindshare
  • Digital Media Agency: Digitz
  • Media Partners: HUM TV, APLUS, PTV HOME and APNA TV
As the promo's had already been onaired on many channels. This talk show is the production of Abdullah kadwani and Asad qureshi production house. Stay tuned for more updates about the upcoming Talk show Tuc the lighter side of life. 
Have a look at the promo videos below.

Tuc liter side of Life Promo 1:

Tuc liter side of Life Promo 2:
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Mahira khan upcoming Talkshow TUC the lighter side of life 2013
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