Tapal Green Tea TVC 2013 - Sarah Sarfaraz

October 24, 2013 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

This bari Eid Tapal gives green tea as the Bari Eidi for all the food lovers with the logo "For a healthy life style" . Tapal introduces green tea with different flavours for every ones own choice. It is healthy and light drink which helps digest the food easily. No body says no to spicy meal this Eid. Tapal promots four flavours
  • Tapal lemon green tea
  • Tapal Jasmine green tea
  • Tapal Mint green tea 
  • Tapal Elaichi green tea which resemble your choice and lifestyle. 
Tapal Green Tea TVC 2013 - Bari Eid
So what are you waiting for hurry and choose tapal green tea flavour. Add Tapal green tea to your life. It helps to light your spicy rich diet. My choice is Tapal Jasmine green tea and Tapal lemon green tea. Whats yours?
Tapal Green Tea
People behind this commercial:
  • Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
  • Production: Page 33
  • Talent: Citrus Talent
  • Director: Saquib Malik 
  • Casting,Wardrobe and Styling: Anila Murtaza 
  • Production Design: Muhammad Murtaza
Have a look at the TVC Video below.
Tapal Green Tea TVC Video:
  • TVC: Tapal Green Tea 
  • Client: Tapal
  • Brand: Tapal lemon green tea, Tapal Jasmine green tea, Tapal Mint green tea , Tapal Elaichi green tea
  • Cast: Sara Sarfaraz
  • Theme: Bari Eid Gathering
  • Logo: For a healthy life style

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