Jeevan Saathi OST Geo Kahani

September 23, 2013 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

Jeevan saathi a new drama serial of Geo kahani. It is a story of three sister who were living their life happily with their parents. Their parents give them the full freedom to live their life they want and also choose their life partner, but unfortunately the elder daughter marriage was done under arrange marriage setup , though she was intrested in some one else.
Jeevan Saathi OST Geo Kahani
But when the second daughter got married her life totally become opposite the way she thought to lead the life.
Jeevan Saathi OST Geo Kahani
Her husband was very strict and had a doubtly nature. Always nitpick and doubt her wife every time.
Jeevan Saathi OST Geo Kahani
This brings a gap and unfriendlyness in their relation. Though the wife was innocent but the husband made all the situation that she can't bear and started argue the husband, put the rash step and beat her up. In return she also slaps the husband, the husband was totaly mad and out of mind control. He suddenly burns the hands of the wife with the hot iron saying, i won't let you hit me back with this hand.
Jeevan Saathi OST Geo Kahani
She never imagined this stage will going to happen in her married life. Whats step she will going to take after her husband brutal act?
Jeevan Saathi OST Geo Kahani
What will going to happen to her life after this? watch Jeevan saathi from monday to thursday 10:00 pm on Geo kahani.
Watch the OST Video below!
Jeevan Saathi OST Video:
  • OST: Jeevan saathi
  • Song: dareechay k phool
  • Drama: Jeevan saathi
  • Channel: Geo kahani
  • Gener: Social issues, marriage , doubt 
  • Network: Geo Entertainment network
  • Onair timing: Every Monday to Thursday at 10:00pm
  • Cast: Bilal Qureshi, Uroosa Qureshi, Sarah Umair, Annousay abbasi