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14 August 2013

Its too late that i uploaded the picture long time and the video now but you can enjoy the performance of Soahi ali abro on Pantene bridal coture week 2013 held at expo center Lahore. She was looking gorgious and her dance was energetic. she performed on Lat lag gai & howa chokra jawan re.
Watch the Video !
Sohai Ali abro performance at Pantene Bridal Couture week 2013

Sohai Ali abro Dance video:
  • Bridal Couture week 2013
  • Performance by: Sohai Ali abro
  • Songs: Lat lag gai & howa chokra jawan re
  • Location: Expo center lahore
  • Wadrobe: Somal Halepoto
  • Hair and makeup: Sabs the salon
  • Production: Body beat production
  • Channel: Hum 2
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