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22 August 2013

Zindagi chalti jaye a song by PTCL broadband. PTCL brings broadband campaign " Be the One, Be Pakistani, Be the Change! Be a dreamer, a dream you dream together is reality". This campaign has a theme of enthusiasm as you watch the video song zindagi chalti jaye and the tune.
PTCL Broadband Song 2013
It has been onaired on almost on every channel out shined almost across all forms of media, TV, Outdoor, Print and Social. Because it was launched on independence day and named as Be broadband Be Pakistani. In simple words we can say we are proud of our nation. 
PTCL Broadband Song
Pakistan Telecommunication Limited has given a keen insight that how the ease of access to information has helped in improving the World around us. How can we survive in this digital age and how the broadband deployment affect our lives around us.
PTCL Broadband
This song and the lyrics are motivating filled with the fuel of energy. It is espically spotted for women education and a message Be a dreamer for future Be the one Be the change means dont rely on anyone, use your abilities.
PTCL Broadband Song 2013
PTCL Broadband has truly changed our lives for the better future as shown in the song.
ptcl pakistan
Watch the video song below!

PTCL Broadband Song Video:
    • PTCL Broadband Song 2013
    • Song: Zindagi chalti jaye 
    • Cast: Sana sarfaraz, Maryam (child star) and many more
    • Theme: Believe in yourself
    • Logo: Ptcl-Hello to the future
    • Agency: IW - Ideas Workshop Pvt. Ltd
    • Music: Taimoor Mirza
    • Director: Faisal Hassan
    • production: IW new Production
    • Gener: Ptcl Thematic broadband song 2013

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