Burka Avenger Episode 2 (Animated cartoon series 2013)

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burka avenger episode 2 2013
In this episode tinda was peaking from the window of the school suddenly burka avenger appear and ask what he is doing. After that the fight between tinda and Burka avenger starts As usual burka used the book as the weapon.

burka avenger
At school the kite festival announced. The children were happy. Emu and the children gather ed to enjoy kite flying.
Vadero pajero was invited as the chief guest at kite festival. 

burka avenger episode 2
On the other side Baba bandooq again plan to ruin the festival. With the help of his hencemen he made an air ballon to fly in the sky. While flying he scared the children but unfortunately the air ballon went out of gas and he fell down.
burka by haroon
He scold his hencemen that why the gas was too limited? Were all the CNG stations on strike? After all this he continue to fly and uses his weapon "Aag ka bagola" to set fire on all the flying kites and ruin the festival. 
burka avenger 2013
The children decided to to catch baba bandook with the help of their kites wire. But the efforts went in vain when kites wire stuck in Baba bandook's air ballon. Emu tried to hold the wire but he didn'd successed. Mooli and Ashu also tried to help but three of them flew in the air. 
burka urdu cartoon
Burka avenger appeared and rescue the children. She used pen as weapon and target the air ballon of baba bandook. The pen stuck and destroy the air ballon. Baba bandook fell down on the ground. All the children were happy that now baba bandook will not going to disturb their kite festival. 
His hencemen worried what happened to baba bandook. Is he dead or alive? They use a stick and put in his nose to confirm wether he is alive or dead? Curious want to know watch the burka Avenger episode 2.
The Hardworking Team Behind Burka avenger:
  • Cartoon: Burka Avenger
  • Channel: Geo Taiz
  • Onair timings: Sunday 6:00 pm monday 12:30 am and Monday 4:00 pm
  • Created and directed by: Haroon
  • Series director: Uzair z.khan
  • Art director: Yousaf ejaz
  • Post production head: Rizwan ahmad
  • Animation head: Taha iqbal
  • Technical director: Adeel Afzal
  • Lighning head: Qasim shuja
  • Lead 2D artist: Mufaddal Iqbal
  • Animation Team leads: Komal butt, Muhammad jawad
  • Animators: Imran ahmed, Azmat ali, Nabeel A.khan, Raza changezi, Ihafat Asool, Aitizaz toor
  • 3D modeling: Raza changezi , Taha iqbal , Myhammad jawad, Farhan munir
  • 2D and texture artist: Humaira malik, Sadaf Barika kaleem
  • Post production artist: Usman javed, Farhan munir
  • Layout and render artist: Taqir munir, Saad bin nasir
  • Lead script writer & V.O director: Adi Abdurab
  • Script writers: Arsalan naseer, Ghania ejaz
  • Recording engineer: Jonathan nawaz
  • Theme, Music & score: Haroon
  • SFX & sound design: Ahmed ali, Jonathan nawaz
  • Starting & dubbing:
  • Ainne Jaffri ( Burka avenger & jiya)
  • Hamza Ali abbasi ( Baba bandook & Vadero Pajero)
  • Anum Zaidi ( Immu & mooli)
  • Amjad Chaudhary ( Kabadi jan , Tinda, Khamba & Munna)
  • Sara Rubab ( Ashu )
  • Additional Voice Overs: Adi Abdurab, Rizwan Ahmad, Komal Butt, Ahmed ali
  • Songs: 
  • Jiya jaye & beqarar by : Haroon
  • Adventure theme by: Sarmad ghafoor
  • Thief of hearts instrumental by : Haroon
  • Will you by: Asad malik
  • Batti instrumental by: Overload
  • Lady in blach by: Haroon and Adil omar
  • System Administrator: Ali Jafri
  • Production co-ordinator: Nida rehman
  • Office administrator: Adnan F.awan
  • Office staff: Faizan ahmed , Faraz fiaz
  • Finance & HR Manager: Ghalib A.Saddiqi
  • Project manager: Adeel abid
  • Additional resources: Shahan zaidi ,Junaid malik
  • Head of production: Uzair z.khan
  • Produced by : Haroon
  • Production house : Unicorn black  
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