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6 July 2013

Pizza Hut - the leading Pizza chain in Pakistan! Share the good times. You can enjoy according to your taste. The authentic hand-stretched crust baked to perfection, Pizza Mia is prepared with the finest mozzarella cheese and other wholesome ingredients.
pizza mia by pizza hut tvc 2013
  • Veggie Lovers: Veggie Mia
  • Meat Lovers: Beef Mia & BBQ Bacon Mia
  • Cheese Lovers: Ham & Cheese Mia
  • Chicken Lovers: Chicken Mia
  • Spicy Lovers: Hot 'n' Spicy Mia & Pepperoni Mia
pizza hut piza mia tvc 2013
Have a look at the TVC video below.
Pizza Mia TVC Video:
  • Production: Soch
  • Concept & Direction : Inam Ur Rahim
  • Asst.Dir: Usama Afaaq
  • DOP: Shehzad Khan / Salim Dad
  • Production Design: Tazeen Inam
  • Post: Haris /Shariq @ Diginext 
  • Make up : Summaya
  • Music: Magic Notes
  • Talent: Citrus Talent
  • Coordination : Ata ur rahim /Jamal zaidi
  • Cast: Saima Qureshi

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