Sprite Maan ki Maan TVC 2013 Resturant

May 19, 2013 Ambreen Latif 0 Comments

Its an Agency Ville new Tv commercial a new concept , but in the first half you didn't get what will going to be happened but gradually scene ends you know crappy thing has happened right now with the guy who is meeting the girl for the first time on a blind date.
The total scene become up and down the situation became embarssing for the boy.The dialouge itself are odd, the tone we dont use in our daily life nor when we meet someone we dont know for the first time.This is a kind of thing i cant watch while sitting with my family , because we learn and apply lot of good thing from watching the tv commercials.
Sprite TVC 2013 - Resturant
Why are you Doing these thing Sprite ? where are those Cool things Gone like Sprite Rasta clear hai ( one with the guitar and the other one with on the bus stop ) these are my favourites .
The most most favourite Mirchi pay lagao sprite ka tarka . Althought sprite mirchi TVC was too much famous at my Blog Because it was too cool awsome mindblowing please come back Sprite old soul.
Here is the New concept of sprite Man ki maan ...!
Sprite Dialouges:
  • Mein kaun hun ?
  • Mein Miss right nahi left hun
  • Mein ab b parhti hun comics
  • aur mein noodels hatoon say khati hun
  • Mein Sheeshay ki guriya nahi
  • mein sunti hun man ki
  • Mein mein hun tu kaun hai :D
Sprite Man ki maanSprite TVC Video: