Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mera sultan OST Geo kahani (Video)

The story revolves around the life Sultan suleyman. after his fathers death at the age of 26 when his reign began, Sultan S├╝leyman sought to build an empire more powerful and more extensive than Alexander The Great .
mera sultan ost geo kahani drama
As far as i saw some of the episodes i like the story very much it is different and a unique concept of king and queen.
mera sultan geo kahani drama
Its not a typical type of romance story but the main focus is on the relationship among the members of royal palace , empirial household & rivals.
mera sultan geo kahani drama
There are so many rivals in the palace. Conspiracies occur , when the queen become pragnent . 
mera sultan geo kahani drama
At the palce someone plot a plan to kill the queen and poisoned the food. Luckily the queen survived and story then turns around to catch the culprit.
mera sultan
Have a look at the OST video below.
Mera sultan OST Video:

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Mera sultan OST Geo kahani (Video)
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