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31 December 2012

Meneske is a 20-year-old girl. Meneske was born in Urfa, then the family moved to Germany. Halil worked in the same pastry shop as Menekse where they both fell in love with each other. 
manahil aur khalil pictures
Menekse was forced by her father to marry a man named Mustafa in exchange for 25000 euros. The night of the marriage, Mustafa beats the hell out of so her grandmother tells her to fly away to Istanbul with her lover Halil. Menekse gets there before Halil. 
manahil aur khalil pictures
And later Halil also arrives there and he found her in a bus where he runs behind that bus and shouts her name and then Menekse looked at him. Then the bus driver stops the bus and they both hug each other. This way Halil founds her. 
manahil aur khalil pictures
Menekse's father is psychotic and evil who wants to honor-kill his daughter and sends her husband and her brother, Kadir, to Istanbul to hunt Menekse and Halil down and kill them both.Menekse and Halil faced many problems there. 
manahil aur khalil pictures
Like even one time Menekse was found by Mustafa and her brother, Kadir. But Halil knew where they took her so he got her out of there. 
manahil aur khalil pictures
But at the end of the drama they find them and they agree that she can marry Halil. the whole saga ends with death of Halil.
manahil aur khalil pictures
  • OST: Sanson nay kiya
  • Drama: Manahil aur Khalil
  • Lyrics by: Sabir zafar
  • Flutes: Rahat Ali 
  • Singer: Mohammad Ali 
  • Music & Composition by : Athar Saeed
  • Additional composition and sound design by: Salman Ahmed Khan 
  • Final Mix by: Athar Saeed and Salman Khan
  • Recorded using TLM 103 Neuman 
  • Mixing in Logic Pro 9 .......
  • Channel: Express Entertainment ...

manahil aur khalil pictures

Manahil aur khalil OST Video:

Manahil aur khalil OST Audio:
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